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Improve Governance.

We are thrilled that you share our vision to improve the quality of governance, and in turn the life of citizens, in low and middle-income countries. We do this by working directly with public institutions to increase equitability, accountability and efficiency in order to create long-term and sustainable societal change. 

Since we are a non-profit organisation, there are a number of ways that you can contribute to our work! You can for example become a member, or make a donation that will help us to develop our activities.

If your company would like to contribute, for example by making a corporate donation or discussing possible partnerships, please contact our team at We will be happy to answer any questions and find a way to collaborate together! 


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Our commitment to


As a non-profit organisation, we commit to complete transparency in regards to organisational funding and expenses.

This includes both how funds are spent on our projects and within our organisation, including the salaries of our permanent and affiliate staff, expenses for our overheads, and any other costs that pass through our organisation.

In line with this, our annual audited accounts and our salary policy are publically available.