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Supporting public leaders to

make change happen.

Too many people today suffer from the consequences of poor governance and public services. Our mission is to help changemakers improve the quality of governance and public institutions, and in turn the lives of citizens, in low and middle-income countries. We believe this is the only sustainable path to long-term development and the end of aid dependency.

We are a non-profit organisation committed to helping public leaders make change happen in the most difficult places.

Re-imagining governance assistance

How we work.

We believe that positive change should come from the inside, not the outside. But would-be changemakers often have all the odds stacked against them. We develop projects together with public leaders using the latest thinking in public sector reform and change management, combined with years of experience of implementing projects and a broad network of subject matter experts.

Who we are

the team.

Before starting the organisation, our team worked for several years in the international development sector as consultants.

With diverse personal, professional and academic backgrounds, and spanning multiple nationalities, our team brings together an intersection of experiences and a solid knowledge of international development ‘in practice’.

Since 2023, the organistion is volunteer-led.


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